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TheIVJackal 09-20-13 06:23 PM

Way to see how many views a thread has from "Subscribed Threads" section.
I tried looking around but didn't find an easy way to check thread views. On other forums I'm on, you can leave the mouse pointer over the thread name and it shows total number of responses and total views. That would be nice to have, thanks!
- Aaron

no1mad 09-20-13 07:42 PM

Um, we have that.

Main Index Page lists all Forums with total number of threads and replies in the respective Forum.
Forum Index Page lists all threads in that forum:

-Left "column" contains the thread title w/name of creator and date/time of creation.
-Middle "column" states total thread views and replies
-Right "column" states the date/time and name of last respondent to the thread.

Example (it's really seen in a left to right format): Fenders with light/reflector mounts

Started by MEversbergII, 09-20-13 10:33 AM

  • Replies: 15
  • Views: 144
09-20-13, 08:31 PM

Siu Blue Wind 09-20-13 07:58 PM

If you want to see how many views this exact thread has, go to the User Assistance forum page, find your title and it's to the right. How is it on the forum you run?

TheIVJackal 09-20-13 08:07 PM

I don't run a forum but I'm a member on probably a half-dozen. They way it works on those pages is that, like this one, you click "Quick Links" -> "Subscribed Threads" -> Then I can hover my mouse over the title of the thread and it will show number of replies and view count. It would be nice if each section had their own column. Please create this if possible, thank you.

Siu Blue Wind 09-20-13 08:28 PM

This one has it. But thank you for the suggestion.

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