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rekmeyata 02-08-14 10:01 AM

Avast warning
I've been using Avast for quite a awhile and today for the first time whenever I do anything on your site I get this warning: is currently listed as suspicious and may be dangerous. Use with extreme caution.

I also left a message with Avast to check into it as well. I'm not sure if this is something normal for your forum and for some reason, maybe an update, is now trying to block it, or if this is a redirect thing going on that your forum doesn't know about?

Anyway let me know so I can take action to stop it from dinging me each time I try to do something in this forum.


CbadRider 02-08-14 02:38 PM

I'll pass this on to IB so they can check it out.

IBobi 02-12-14 06:55 PM

Tech has found no evidence.

If you still see the warning, can you please provide your:

1. Operating system name and version
2. Browser name and version
3. Specific Web page URL(s) that you were viewing at the time that infection was detected
4. Date and time when the infection was detected

rekmeyata 02-12-14 08:12 PM

I got a notice today from Avast that it was on their end and they corrected it with an update. Thanks for your help, and sorry for the bother.

Tom Stormcrowe 02-14-14 06:10 PM

We had a sili;lar issue with AVG a few months back, with them having a faulty definition in their DB. The AV companies would rather err on the side pf caution and sometimes msclassify of they can't find out what the exact effect ogf the script or code line is right off the bat.

Tom Stormcrowe 02-14-14 06:12 PM

As I researched the filetype, it's associated with multimedia imaging and originated withj MIT's computer lab..

rekmeyata 02-14-14 08:21 PM

Thanks again for checking into it. I felt it it was important to notify both parties at the same time without waiting for one to respond before notifying the other just in case it was something critical.

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