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GetOuttaMyWay 02-15-14 04:52 AM

Rollover ad
I was attempting to post in the LCF forum when I noticed a multimedia ad in the lower right quadrant of the screen promoting a local Toyota dealership. It also had an animated corner on the lower left that was wanting me to hover on it. I did not click on anything and I did my best not to place my cursor on that hot corner, but the ad expanded to full screen.

I managed to copy and paste a screenshot to a word pad document, but my attempts to upload it have failed. The .rtf wouldn't upload at all and the plain text did, but it just resulted in a blank screen when clicking on the attachment link.

Using Windows 8 and IE 10.0.13.

Tom Stormcrowe 02-15-14 11:47 AM

We dont do rollover ads. Please send me a screenshot when you next encounter it, though and I'll send it on to ad traffic for blocking. Meantime. do an adware scan.

alaskanb3arcub 02-15-14 05:09 PM

What I do is take a screen capture, paste it into paint, and attach the cropped image to the Bad Banner Ad thread.

Tom Stormcrowe 02-15-14 06:22 PM

email it to me at tom(at)bikeforums(dot)net

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