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VELOGLOCK 03-05-14 06:39 AM

Not sure where to post .......
So I'll ask here. Pardon my ignorance but how do I prove myself
worthy to post in Trollhiem and the P&R forums etc. ?

no1mad 03-05-14 06:59 AM

Moved from General Cycling.

1. P & R: There is a read only sticky there that explains the requirements and process. Note: Of the people to contact, it is advisable at this time that Siu Blue Wind is the best option.

2. TH: It explains how to gain access in the forum description. Hint: There are 2 different passwords and you have to enter them in sequence. Once you have done so, go back to the main index page and see if the most recent post is visible- if it is, you're in.

ahsposo 03-05-14 07:29 AM

Just what we need...

VELOGLOCK 03-05-14 07:46 AM


Originally Posted by ahsposo (Post 16549796)
just what we need...


VELOGLOCK 03-05-14 07:47 AM


CbadRider 03-06-14 11:41 AM

You can also contact me for access to the P&R forum.

And enter "trolling" for Trollheim access.

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