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MEversbergII 05-09-14 09:41 AM

Forum filtering - turning off what I don't want to see

Over at the ancient forum "The Miniatures Page", they have a feature where you can opt out of seeing forums dedicated to subjects you are not interested in (important because they have very many). Is this feature possible with our software?


CbadRider 05-09-14 10:05 AM

You can't opt out of seeing a forum on your own, but an Administrator can remove your access to a forum and then you wouldn't see it at all when you log in.

no1mad 05-09-14 10:09 AM

Not sure it is possible to have 'a la carte' viewing. However, you can collapse whole sections if none of those types of subjects aren't of interest. Example: If you don't race nor have any aspirations/interest, you can collapse that cluster of forums. Same can be done for The Lounge, the Market Place, Products and Services, Community Connections, and News & Suggestions.

I personally have The Racer's Forum (because I've never raced and never will) and Products & Services (because they can Mod their own) collapsed.

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