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IndianaDave 05-15-14 05:21 AM

I'm new and where is the "Trikes" column?
Hello, I just registered with the BF and after reviewing the Forum, I came away wondering where the "TRIKES" column is?

After YEARS of most everything bicycling, I am now enjoying a recumbent TRIKE. They are like a go-kart that you pedal.

How does one get a TRIKES discussion column into the Bike Forums?

Dave Plantenga

Tom Stormcrowe 05-16-14 03:52 PM

As a fellow 3 wheeler, I can tell ya, unfortunately, there just aren't enough of us around to support a dedicated forum, so I post the cycling stuff I do in recumbents or Clydes, and occasionally in adaptive, since I'm recovering from a couple of strokes. By the way, I am the site Administrator,and read the stats on topic and usage daily. I'm not just talking out of hand.

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