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eicca 05-21-14 08:49 PM

Disable Language Filter in Personal Options?
The language filter appears to be filtering the word "g-u-n."

Bring on the political debate, or let me disable this for my own personal reading.

Tom Stormcrowe 05-22-14 09:15 AM

It IS filtering that word because we are tired of the topic coming up constant,y in this BICYCLE forum. If we were a weapon forum, fine, but we aren
t, and most of the community does n't want to deal with this debate over and over again, so no, it's not going to be disabled because when these threads happen, flames come out and mystaff gets overworked. G U N talk can be done in P&R or Trollheim, and nowhere else. The filters are still in play, though because that is a global setting and cannot be given specific forum exceptions. In those 2 forums, it is also permitted to use tricks tp bypass the filter for g u n topics.

In the main forums, though, the topic is too controversial and divisive, so it's a banned topic in the mains.

JBHoren 05-22-14 10:18 AM

Sadly, the across-the-board ban on G-U-N means that it cannot be used idiomatically, as in "The traffic light turned yellow, and I had to g-u-n it across the intersection."

So, we lose another word from the English language, to sit (in the closet?) together with g-a-y and q-u-e-e-r. When will it end?

CbadRider 05-22-14 01:42 PM

Gay and queer aren't censored.

RPK79 05-22-14 02:39 PM

******* Jack is though. Which is awesome.

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