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Tandem Tom 06-27-20 05:53 PM

Lug lining!!
Today, thanks to Brian Chapman's expertise, I learned about a Fluid Writer Pen. I made lug lining rather painless!

ctak 06-27-20 06:12 PM

Nice, what pen - in particular - did you use?

Tandem Tom 06-28-20 07:19 AM

Here you go!

Doug Fattic 06-28-20 08:51 AM

I'll add that there are 2 tip sizes for a Fluid Writer. Off the top of my head I don't remember if the black one is bigger or smaller than the gold one. It can be helpful to use a bit of sandpaper to gently round the edge at the bottom of the tip with sandpaper so it doesn't scratch the walls of the lug. Also lining paint designed for striping has denser pigments than regular spray paint. This is so it will get full coverage in one pass. Regular spray paint colors might not cover well enough so a little of the base color of the frame will come through. House of Kolor makes striping paint in various colors for this purpose. 1-Shot is an another brand that makes striping enamel.

Andrew R Stewart 06-28-20 03:48 PM

Tom- Can you comment on the technique? Do you try to keep the tip on the lug's vertical wall, on the tube at the base of balanced and in the root of the shoreline? I assume that the pen's cup gets refilled fairly often. Andy

Tandem Tom 06-28-20 04:51 PM

So my rudimentary technique was to run the tip in the junction of the tube and lug.

LMQCycles 06-28-20 08:53 PM

I ordered one immediately after the first time I saw Chapman using it!👍

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