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highergear 02-23-21 02:04 PM

Seven Axiom Bike S vs. SL what is the difference
I am currently purchasing my first ti bike. I have never had a ti bike before and am not clear on a few things. The two bike frames seem very similar even by weight the S is 3.3 and the SL is 3.1. However there is a price difference. Both can be custom designed and both come with the same carbon wheels. Both are high quality frames. Can someone that own either frame share what is the difference in performance for a non professional rider?

Andrew R Stewart 02-23-21 09:03 PM

Did the shop or sales people give you any answer when you asked them? The range of custom geometry is greater then that of tubing differences. The first thing i would wonder about is the tubes being straight gage or butted. Andy

highergear 02-23-21 11:30 PM

The Axiom S is straight gauge and the SL is butted

Andrew R Stewart 02-24-21 09:18 AM

I think you have much of your answer then. Remember Ti tubing isn't made in the quantity that steel is so any added processing effort will cost more then if done for thousands of like tubes (as with steel). Additionally the shaping, forming and machining of Ti comes at a higher cost just due to the greater difficulty of working with this material.

Now did you know of the straight gage VS butting before you posted this thread? If so are you of the belief that there's other differences too? Andy

unterhausen 02-24-21 11:17 AM

It's possible you will be able to feel the difference between butted and straight gauge, particularly if you think there is a difference. Some people think that straight gauge is too stiff. I assume it's externally butted tubing.

TiHabanero 02-28-21 09:14 AM

Recently worked for a Seven dealer for a few years. We sold a good number of their machines and about 75% were the butted frames. Personally I am unable to feel the difference between the butted and straight gauge frames, however one of the guys at the shop swore by the butted tubing feel. To each his own. Seven is an incredible bike frame producer and just as incredible to work with from design thru the whole process. Very good communication with the shop and the customer.
Either tubed frame will be wonderful.

unterhausen 02-28-21 02:55 PM

I think lightweight riders feel a difference. I think a lot more people need to look up the meaning of "cognitive bias."

I like the feel of light bikes, especially when I'm carrying them. But my gravel bike is made out of cast iron pipe and I really can't tell the difference between it and my other, lighter, bikes.

highergear 03-01-21 08:59 PM

Thanks for your responses. I totally agree that the Seven Bike Company is excellent and I am very excited that they will build my bike frame. The other day watched a video it was spectacular to watch the craftmanship. It will be great to finally have a frame that fits properly.

It seems from many of the responses that butted frame and straight gauged are very similar/ in performance for a non professional average weight rider. It is interesting that 75% of the ti frames are butted, wonder if these are light weight riders under 130 lbs. or racers . I am not a professional rider nor a racer so maybe the straight ti gauged would be fine and could put more towards a nice pair of carbon aero wheels.

unterhausen 03-02-21 07:46 AM

I think butted tubing has intangible value to people and they are willing to pay extra. Many people consider a ti frame to be a "forever bike" even if that's not necessarily reasonable given cyclist's desire for n+1. So spending a little more for butted tubing makes sense. It's "better."

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