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Tandem Tom 07-20-21 08:51 AM

Torch Leak
I have a Unweld 71 torch with a UN-J mixer that I use with a Paige adapter and tips. I am running oxy-propane.
A leak has developed at the adapter neck connection. I cannot seem to correct it. I don't want to get too aggressive with a wrench.

unterhausen 07-21-21 12:01 AM

so it leaks at the adapter?

Tandem Tom 07-21-21 06:30 AM

Yes,it was leaking at the adapter. Yesterday I made a small brass washer out of some shim stock and it seems to have worked.

unterhausen 07-21-21 08:33 AM

Is your UN-J an official one or a knock-off?
Where did you get it?

Tandem Tom 07-21-21 06:03 PM

It is a real one. I went back and tried to find my receipt without luck. But I bought it from one of the vendors that Doug Vstříc recommended in his course.

unterhausen 07-21-21 06:57 PM

Okay, thanks, that's interesting.

Andrew R Stewart 07-22-21 06:28 AM

Unrelated to the OP's question but of passing interest- I bought a used torch handle a few years ago off EBay. I forget the brand but was one of the small "aircraft" types we seek. I hooked it up and tried to pass gas, through it. But a funny thing was happening in that when I would open one gas line's valve the regulator for the other gas was showing a pressure change. After a few experiments I decided there was an internal leak between the two passages, between the valves and the outlet. I returned the handle for a refund. Andy

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