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trekker32 01-30-06 04:11 PM

hi there,
ive noticed a few folks have had their bikes powder coated, and i want to do the same to an old raleigh lugged steel frame i have but i was talking to the powder coater and he said the curing process on powder coat is 375 - 400 degrees for 20 minures. my question is...will this weaken the braze and weaken the steel in general?
id love to hear some opinions on this thanks!!!


Nessism 01-30-06 04:16 PM

No worry. The critical temp for steel is over 1000 degrees F.

trekker32 01-30-06 04:18 PM

im not really worried about the worried about the brazing metal ...its melting temp is less than the steel right? but still i dont think 375-400 would be too much....but not sure

jpogge 01-30-06 08:02 PM

we do powder coating at my shop and we frequently do lugged frames with no problem. the melting temperature for brass or even silver is higher than 400 degrees.

trekker32 01-30-06 11:44 PM

hi jpogge,
thanks alot...i thought as much but wanted an opinion from a more knowledgable source than myself!


NoReg 02-02-06 04:05 PM

400 was probably picked because it is low end of significant effect on heat treatable steel. If you tig welded a frame, it might help relieve a little hardness, if it had any discernable effect at all.

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