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alf/29 02-25-06 09:28 PM

wanting to build the perfect road/race bike?
Hello,I am new to the forum and trying to pick the right thread to use? I have been cycling for a few years now and want to build my dream bike this season and do a few races. I am a larger cyclist at 5'9 210( 20 yrs lifting). I am interested in the purchase of a Trek Madone 5.9, as I am a Trek fan and this is the bike of the Lbs. I am riding a Trek 1500 now and want to get into a carbon frame. OR should I be looking for a Titanium frame( I like the Litespeed). My big questions are 1) carbon versus what? is there something better or needed for the bigger guy. I like the Carbon idea, as I have been told that carbon dampens the ride. I can see that most forks are carbon so this must be true, right? I like the madone frame but would value any experience with them or with others! 2) Dura ace cranks or carbon cranks. and what length? As I stated, I am only 5'9 so is the standard 170 for me or do I need the 172.5 or 175. I ride hills a lot, as I live in the deep country and have killer training grounds to cycle. I have a hard time finding flat routs!! I also need a triple instead of a double. I'm just too heavy to climb the 10 to 12% grades without the 30 up front. 3) wheels- Bontrager V. the Mavics I like so much. What is the strongest and lightest wheel? I know, I might as well ask if I should vote republican or democrat. Just want some positive info from someone who knows.I find my Bontrager rims bending with each pedal, as I climb( have to keep the rear brakes a little loose so they dont rub). I really want to buy or build the bike of my dreams, so I can talk about something else with my wife, she will appreciate your help. Oh yea, the budget. Can I do it all for under a grand? Ha Ha, Ok, keep me in the big fin category ( that's 5 for those out of the know). 6 will be the max,as I have a 3 yoa and 1 yoa. Future bikes to buy!!! All ideas and info will be appreciated. Thank you.

Thylacine 02-26-06 01:02 AM

5'9 and 210lbs? Crikey. What were you lifting? Trees? ;)

Anyway, IMHO I can't understand why anyone with 5-6k to spend would buy off-the-rack. For me, it's like someone wanting to buy lunch and going to Burger King rather than that cool little place on the corner that does wicked felafels. Sure, BK might be okay once and a while (just to remind yourself why it's utter crap) but you never say to your friends "hey, I just found this UNREAL Burger King around the corner.....

But hey, I'm biased, what can I say? :)

5-6 Grand to spend on a bike? Custom steel or Ti, Campy Chorus, 170mm cranks....but most importantly, get fitted by a pro bike physiologist fitting expert! You couldn't spend a better 100-150 bucks. It will save you half a decade of attempting to get it anywhere close to the ballpark.

With the cash you're talking about, you could do a few things. Do could do a take-no-prisoners super tough let light Ti frame with that cool industrial Ti look.....a really beautiful lugged oversize steel frame using Slant Six lugs.....pocket the change and get a nice TIG'd frame instead and splurge on the components....there's lots of possibilities.

alf/29 02-26-06 11:29 AM

As a matter of fact, I did lift some trees. I was a Scottish Heptathalon competitor for over 7 years. I turned pro after college but the giant Cabers( those big trees you are talking about) got too darn hard to flip over. Besides, the jokes about me wearing a skirt were getting old. I like the new ones about me in cycle tights!!! BACK TO BUSINESS- Where do you find a bike fitter with the skills you are speaking of? I really do live in the STICKS, with only one Bicycle shop in the entire county, unless you whant to count the Super Wal-Mart! The shop is a chain, however, with four more shops north of me. I went to the main shop, hour+ away, to make my original purchase. Would love to get real imput on what frame set to start with. I know nothing of what Ti frame to get or why Ti Vs. Carbon. I liked your ideas on the Heavy duty frames, can i get some names to try to find. Remember, I am a Newbe, so spoon feed me!! Thanks

tomacropod 03-02-06 04:02 PM

you want to find a good road-oriented bike shop with a "fit kit" which is a blanket term for any number of adjustable-stationary-bicycle contraptions designed to find your most comfortable and efficient cycling position. A session should take about an hour and be taken with someone trained in the use of it (the shop should have such a staff member, you may need to book). I think that's approximately what Thylacine means. Outside of the US you'll be hard pressed to find trained physiologists who specialise in bike fitting.

- Joel

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