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Bryson 03-10-06 05:54 PM

Where to buy mountain bike frame parts?
First of all, I'm wondering if anyone here is a dealer for Fairing Industrial?

Secondly, are there any places to buy mountain bike frame parts online?

I'm looking specificly for a suspension yoke to build my rear suspension.

Thanks for any information!

Thylacine 03-11-06 11:03 PM

Fairing will sell to you, you just have to contact them. As for finding an off the shelf 'yoke' or whatever, they don't really exist. You have to CNC machine everything up from scratch. If you just want to bulild a front triangle for some existing system, your best bet would be to cannibalise some rear end from a bike from eBay or something.

bellweatherman 03-11-06 11:53 PM

Fairing will sell to you? That's news to me. I called long ago and they told me no amateur builders. That is, you have to be a professional builder, have insurance, and have proof of a retail location. Then, you can buy from them.

Thylacine 03-12-06 12:54 AM

Ah well, I don't often call up places masquerading as an amateur builder, so maybe I wasn't up-to-date with their trading policies? :rolleyes: Regardless, there's heaps of places that sell 6061 plain guage aluminium tubing if you take the time out to do a search.

Bryson 03-12-06 09:11 PM

Well, I was able to convince my bike shop to order some parts for me. But Fairing was out of stock on the suspension yoke. I was wondering if anyone else sells one, or if anyone had a peice in stock?

Thanks guys!

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