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ebbett 01-15-07 06:45 AM

Reusing dropouts
Is it possible to reuse dropouts? I'm just a newbie and this is going to be a frame just for me. What's the best way to go about removing them? I was going to take a die-grinder to them. They're brass brazed and I was concerned about another high-heat cycle if I try to melt the brass out. Thanks.

SamHall 01-15-07 10:33 AM

So, you want to take the drops from an old frame to put in a new frame? Why not just get new drops? The $10-20 you'd spend will save you a lot of time, plus the old drops have been brazed once and probably well used/stressed- why take a chance with them?

ebbett 01-16-07 09:59 PM

mainly because the dropouts I want to re-use are these nice campy stamped ones.

NoReg 01-17-07 02:25 AM

Well unless you have to destroyed a valuable frame to do it, what's the downside trying. Most likely you will heat them up sufficiently, and they will come off. The heat won't hurt the drops, unless you hugely overdo it.

SamHall 01-17-07 10:18 AM

I'm all for trying it just to see if it will work or whatever- taking apart old frames can teach you a lot, but if you're putting them in a new frame, I'd still go with new drops.
Brand new "campy" stamped drops for $22 here:

Ziemas 01-21-07 02:06 AM

It's definitely possible. During Soviet times here in Latvia there was a lack of decent road frames, but track frames were easier to come by. Many a beautiful track frame had the dropouts from a crashed and trashed road frame added to it. I still see these frames being ridden today.

The question is; do you want to live like a Soviet person? Twenty two dollars isn't a lot of money for new drops....

Bing 01-21-07 10:51 AM

You can get similar 1010B dropouts stamped "Richard Sachs" for $20 from e-Richie.

Product page

SamHall 01-21-07 12:23 PM

There ya go Ebbett, so, are you gonna get the new drops or do you want to be a communist?:D

velonomad 01-22-07 11:42 AM

"Better Red than Fred"
I have reused them before, No big deal just heat the joints and pull them out with a pair of pliers. clean the dropout and file off the the old brass.

Besides if you get the E-Richie drop-outs then you have to chrome your chainstays.

SamHall 01-22-07 01:10 PM

"Better Red than Fred"
Well played Sir.

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