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Palmer 01-15-07 09:11 PM

Painting Detail Question
I recently acquired an older Guerciotti Frame on eBay. The frame is in good shape, but needs to be repainted. I've painted frames before, so getting some color on the frame shouldn't be a problem. However, the frame also has Guerciotti's signature engraved on the seat stays, as well as some other engraved, painted details. The signatures and details were painted a different color than the rest of the frame (e.g., yellow frame, black signature), and I wonder if there's some trick to getting them cleanly repainted. I think that I can brush some black paint over the area, wipe it off, and then have paint remaining only in the engraved area, but I'm worried about getting a smeary result. Are there any tricks to this process? Thanks for the ideas.

Dave Moulton 01-16-07 03:29 PM

I always used the little jars of Testors paint that you can buy from a model airplane store. Brush into the engraving, alow to dry for about 15 minutes, then wipe off with a rag that has a little solvent on it. (Not saturated.) Repeat if necessary, and if it smears let it dry a little longer before wiping.

Palmer 01-18-07 05:39 AM

This is exactly the information I needed. Thanks!!

duane041 01-19-07 09:29 AM

Might also try mixing some thinnner with that paint. Once it's thin enough to flow, you can load your brush and just touch it into the letters, and the paint will flow out and fill the indents. Wiping sometimes leaves behind lint, which can gum up your lettering.

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