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johnism 02-09-07 06:30 AM

best way to strip a bike?
I saw the post about powder coat and getting them sand blasted .. but can you use chemical stripers if so what works best?

bbwolfy 02-10-07 05:39 AM

Chemical strippers in my opinion are a pain to work with(messy and smell really bad).Plus they dont work well in the tight areas(my experience).You must neutralize the part before painting . (running water over a part that is stripped never made much sense to me)With sandblasting, you just need to remove decals, (imo. and exp.) degrease the part and then go easy with the sandblaster. When you are done it is ready for powdercoat or epoxy prime/paint. Hope this helps.

Big_knob 02-12-07 04:47 PM


Originally Posted by johnism
chemical stripers if so what works best?

Kleen-strip's "Aircraft remover". i've used gallons of it .great stuff.
pretty good aroma it also leaves an eye opening & refreshing feeling on the hands.

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