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senseamp 02-15-07 11:30 AM

How to fit a new steerer?
So I have a Raleigh Twenty. I also have a SR SUNTOUR M6200 20" suspension fork. I'd like to marry the two together, but the Twenty has a 1" headtube that is about 7.5" long and the fork has a steerer (1" threaded) that is only about 5.9" long.

The steerer tube appears to be pressed into the alloy crown. In the ideal world I'd like to replace this with a really long tube, use a threadless 1" headset and attach the handlebars with an aheadset-type stem at whatever height I find right. I have a 3 foot length of 4130 steel tube 1" OD, 7/8" ID.

Any suggestions of how I might acommplish this? Would I be better leaving the existing steerer tube in place and having an extension welded/brazed to it? Would it be better to cut the Twentys headtube down to fit the fork tube (with a 1" threaded headset) and then try and find/make a really long quill-type stem?

Does anybody know anybody in Houston Texas who might be able to help me?

Thanks, John

kraftwerk 03-15-07 10:53 PM

Check out the folder page, Sheldon Brown extened a few forks in his day, he has some good info about it.
dont cut the 20's head tube!

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