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chamois_buttr 04-04-07 05:21 PM

Rebuild - Modify
I have an older (1989) all chrome Mongoose Hill Topper (18spd) which has a relaxed frame and is a Mtn bike I like. Chromoly steel, comfortable etc. Last year I had a hip replacement and the standover height is now too tall for me. I like the bike and would like to get the frame cut down to fit me. Is this possible or should I forget it and look to buy a newer bike. I live in Staten Island, NY, and can be reached at: [email protected]
Thank you

NoReg 04-06-07 12:30 AM

Anythign is possible, but a cut down bike might not have the feel you would want, unless you do it yourself, it is probably not a lot cheaper than keeping your eye out for a "ladies" frame, or a hot MTB with very low TT. There are various city/comfort bikes that are being made with low bars, just because it is more comfortable. If you can consider a new bike, there are all kinds being made with an appropriate configuration.

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