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norskagent 05-31-07 11:32 AM

powdercoating / decal question
I have an old ciocc frame I plan on powdercoating, for cost, protection, and simplicity reasons. If I trace the decals that are now on the frame, and make some templates of them, could the powdercoater use them to mimic the original decals in the finished job? If not, is this something I could do myself, later? Any other suggestions? Thanks -

fixedpip 06-01-07 05:09 AM

I seriously doubt any powdercoater has the skills or time to recreate decals.

You're best bet is to find either some vintage decals or get a replacement set made, plonk them on the bike and then clearcoat over them to protect them.

Quite a few places trade in replacement decals, some originals and some recreations. Sadly I don't have any URLs to hand.

Andrew*Debbie 06-01-07 05:47 AM They have decals. What they don't have they can make.

While their order form says they do not sell decals seperatly, I know they will occasionaly do that. Maybe just with overstock. dunno. In any case you are getting the frame painted. You could just have them do the entire job.

Their work is top notch.

nitropowered 06-01-07 07:06 AM

Spectrum Powder works would probably be able to recreate the decals and powdercoat it. They are one of the best bike paint houses around.

Their prices are pretty high but they do really good work. Also plan on waiting for a while because last I heard, the wait time is 4-6 weeks

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