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SuperC 06-10-07 08:37 AM

Where can I find a front derailleur tab?
I have a KHS Flite 700 (2004) that I'm building up with leftover parts from my old Nishiki (Suntour GPX, Superbe Pro, etc.). The KHS frame was picked up for a song because it has a broken front derailleur tab. I've been in the mechanics forum trying to find options to fix it, but haven't come across an ideal solution yet. My question here is, "Where can I find front derailleur tabs online, in case I want to try to riv-nut one on?" I've seen the braze on tabs, but I'm looking for one that is riveted/bolted on, similar to carbon fiber bikes I have seen.

Thanks in advance,


nitropowered 06-10-07 09:18 AM

SuperC 06-11-07 07:29 PM

Thank you...
the parts have been ordered and shipped already. I appreciate the tip, I've added them to my favorites for future reference.


SuperC 06-24-07 08:22 PM

I ground off the old tab and JB Welded and 3/16" pop riveted a Nova front tab on to the seat tube. The JB Weld and rivets held up like a champ and the wife is on her way to feeling the road bike bug. Next is a set of Sora brifters so we can ditch the Suntour downtube shifters and she should be set for now.

Thanks nitropowered for the tip...

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