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Enzo 07-06-07 03:32 PM

Celeste Paint
New B to this forum. Bringing an 82 Bianchi back to life. Does anyone know where I can get celeste paint?

minstrie 07-25-07 05:22 PM

Had touch up bottles available last year, pretty cheap from what I recall.

minstrie 07-25-07 05:25 PM

Sorry, looks like somehow the title and the company didn't get printed. The touch up paint was at BianchiUSA (I think it's

surfjimc 08-14-07 12:56 AM

Check with Cyclart. They do a lot of restorations. High end paint stores will color match if you bring a sample, or even the frame in.

nick burns 08-14-07 10:23 AM

Send a PM to Dr. Deltron. He's a member here and I betcha he knows where you can obtain celeste. He spends a lot of time in the Classic and Vintage forum.

ang1sgt 08-14-07 10:59 AM

There was a Porsche color from the 1980 that was pretty close. Might want to check a Dupont Paint store and see if they can help.

squirrely1 08-15-07 04:11 PM

check out the bianchi website

Blue Order 08-15-07 05:22 PM

Definitely on the Bianchi website. One thing, the color "celeste" has changed from time to time. I know in the '92 catalog, Bianchi offered two different variations of celeste. What you can buy as touch-up today may very well not be an exact match for your '82.

Soil_Sampler 08-17-07 08:25 AM


Fred Smedley 08-22-07 09:31 PM

Check NAPA, my neighbor painted his Rodded 55 chevy PU a celeste similar color.

Dr.Deltron 08-23-07 09:02 AM


Originally Posted by Blue Order (Post 5077261)
One thing, the color "celeste" has changed from time to time.

IIRC, my '80 Bianchi was Celeste #227. What that means, I can't tell you. I stripped it all off and painted the bike candy red, over the all chrome frame. In fact, I ran into the guy yesterday who now owns that frame! (told him I'd like to get some pics):rolleyes:

So I'm assuming that the '82 of the OP's was also #227. But any good car painter can match the color that's on the frame. My paint shop is owned by a friend of mine, and he's been painting cars for over 25 years, so I can get him to match anything!

As a note, if you do find a match, don't be surprised if a PINT costs you $80-$100!
I bought a pint of RED to match a Honda motorcycle and it was $135!
Of course there's always PPG's Harlequinne colors that runs $1,100.00/Qt!
(available by the ounce for $36)

Send me the frame to paint, and the "Celeste" color match is included! ;)

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