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Jonnydanger 07-15-07 11:39 AM

How much does it cost to build a bike after frame is bought?

If you already have a frame(which includes the rear shock.

Generally how much does it cost to build the build buying each component at a time. (note this would be a full suspension bike)

Assuming you are getting about middle of the road components? Perhaps LX or XT on most parts and the standard fox forks.

I was just wondering if maybe someone recently build their own bike and has an idea of the cost.


ultraman6970 07-15-07 01:22 PM

hi... weird question anyways. Looks like u r talking about a mountain bike. that the bike has a rear shock do not mean a thing under my perspective, why? because probably u r talking about a walmart bike that u want to upgrade? U havent say a thing about the frame or anything else but to give you an idea... I really good fork could cost 2000 dollars but u can get a junk for 50 bucks also. A good set of wheels could go over 800 bucks with no tires. Good tires could go up to 100 bucks a piece. But at the same time u can get cheappy used wheelset for 10 bucks. So only in those 3 those 3 things we have probably like 3000 bucks or 50 bucks depending of your taste.

Are u talking about a cheap frame? are u talking about what? U havent even mention what r u going to use the bike for. To go to the store or to the school? if thats the case better go to wallmart and u'll be all set up. What are we talking about here???? if you want a MB race ready bike go to any bike store and spend 2 grands in any montain bike and use that one as starting point for your upgrades, it will be cheaper if you stop using the after 2 weeks (thing that usually happen.)

Be more specific, there are too many answers and probabl nobody will tell you what u want to hear because u are asking the wrong questions...


True North 07-15-07 07:22 PM

I believe he said what level he wanted to go (middle of the road). Also, I don't think he's planning on riding a full suspension rig to the store or to school. He also said he wanted to use a fox fork.

I know that with some time he could probably put together a list, but maybe he just wants an idea. Why the hate?

hockeyteeth 07-15-07 07:46 PM

Sounds like you should ask the folks in the MTB forum, John. Framebuilding refers to building a frame from a set of tubes rather than building a completed frame into a complete bike.

Buying parts one piece at a time will generally be more expensive than buying a groupset (shifters, derailleurs, cranks, etc.). The exception is that if you know what you want and have patience with eBay you may be able to get many parts cheaply.

nitropowered 07-15-07 08:58 PM

$0 to $10,000+

ultraman6970 07-15-07 10:27 PM

hate, there is no hate :) The only person I hate is to my mother in law hehehehe

Jonnydanger 07-16-07 08:20 AM


Middle of the road LX or XT parts for a mountain bike full suspension. The bike frame I was looking at was a carbon fiber stumpjumper suspension wtih a futureshock brain shock. However, I do not see why it would make a difference if I was talking about a base alluminium stumpjumper full suspension or if I was talking about a carbon fiber frame. The parts to build it up would be the same in both cases.

I was wondering if anyone has recently built up a mountain bike with LX or XT parts and arround how much that normally cost or if you are better off buying a complete bike.

There are some of the specs they show for one of the bikes:

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