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HereNT 07-27-07 07:01 PM

Track fork replacement - 700 to 650?
Hi - I'm hoping you guys can answer this question:

I have a late 80s bianchi track bike that I would like to put a new fork on and run a brake. Right now, the fork is bent a little, but it started out with no room between the crown and the wheel, and little or no rake.

I am wondering if it would make any sense to build the fork for a 650 wheel? It seems like this would let me keep the handling and angles pretty close to the same, but have some more room for a brake. It would also get rid of the little bit of toe overlap that I have (it's a 58cm frame.)

I'm probably going to be having someone local make me a fork, I just want to check whether this idea is totally crazy before calling someone up...

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