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Supertick 12-26-07 04:12 PM

Plain gauge steel
This is sorta a follow-up question. I have a Trek 800 (87 model) that is made of chromoly plain gauge MTB frame tubing 800. Is this steel frame strong enough to carry a load touring. By a load I mean me at 200# plus racks and panniers at about 40#.

velonomad 12-26-07 10:42 PM

Those are pretty tough old frames. It should work just fine IMO if you are comfortable riding on it, However as a precaution you should pull the bottom bracket and look for rust on the inside . If you find a lot of loose rust flakes you should be wary and have a expert look at it. If it looks ok spray the inside with a heavy coat of WD40 into the down tube and seat tube to help ward off future corrosion. Take a magnifying glass and check all the frame joints for cracks , also pull the fork out and carefully inspect the steerer tube and the fork welds for signs of cracking

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