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crotch_rocket 01-09-08 05:24 PM

Changing the drop outs
Hello everyone,

Well, I'm back after my big trip, and am back to cycling for, well, commuting yet again. So, here's the deal. I have an old centurion road bike, which I converted into a fixed gear. I'm looking at, in about 2 months time, replacing the road drop outs with trackdrop outs, but I want to do it myself. Anyone on the board ever do that? I have access to an acetylene torch and associated welding supplies, but as for locating track drop outs, that's anybody's best guess. It ain't quite like building your own custom frame, but I'd like to start first by modifying my frames until they're the way I like em. Anyway, Input would be appreciated.

taken67 01-09-08 10:43 PM

There are two ways (I know) of doing this. One: Cut your road drops out, re-slot the chain/seat stays, clean, and braze the track drops in. Two: Heat your road drops until the fall/can be pulled out, clean, and braze the track drops in.

Problem with One: If your rear tire has little clearance you will be limited by the amount you can cut off.

Problem with Two: Doing this can compromise the stays as the heat required to melt the brass can be bad for the steel.

Good luck, oh and just google track dropouts for suppliers Nova, Henry James, etc.

SamHall 01-10-08 09:48 AM

Henry James has drops specifically made for conversions- they have more metal to allow for different cs/ss angles and to make up for some of the cs length you'll lose.

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