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largactyl 01-13-08 10:27 AM

HLE tubing
I have a Peugeot circa 1987, the sticker says its HLE tubing. I've never heard of it and can't find much information on the material. Would anyone shed some light on it? Is it total crap or was it just your typical tubing just with a changed name for marketing purposes?

Road Fan 01-13-08 10:33 AM

I'm guessing it was a marketing gimmick - nobody else sells it, therefore nobody can say for sure what it is, therefore noone can tell you it is not as good a Tange, Reynolds, or Columbus.

Make a judgement about the bike based on other criteria; however, the lack of known high-quality tubing suggests that this bike was not in Peugeot's top rank.

Road Fan

Scooper 01-13-08 12:16 PM

Look at this thread for more info on HLE. According to miamijim, it was used on the lower priced Peugeots in the mid eighties.

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