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mander 02-06-08 05:59 AM

Retrofitting a disc tab to a steel fork---bad idea?
I'm interested in converting my Surly Crosscheck to front disc, because it's an all weather commuter and I would rather replace discs than rims. I'm having a hard time finding nice looking, inexpensive steel forks in that spec (400mm axle-crown, 44mm rake) and was wondering how bad of an idea it would be to have a disc tab welded on to the stock fork. I get the feeling that those blades might not hold up to the stress but I thought I might ask you all anyway.

On a related note, if I just threw on a nashbar 398*45 steel fork and called it a day, do you think my steering would be noticeably different? The bike would certainly be noticeably worse looking. But if that's the price of rims that last more than a year I may take it.

NoReg 02-06-08 10:22 AM

It would probably be cheaper just to buy the fork. Nasbar has a 700C fork for about 40 bucks. Surly has discs forks as well. If you go to Spicer and use their search forks fascility you should find more. One degree and 2 mm are zero effect assuming the numbers are accurate.

You can certainly have a bracket welded or brazed, it has to be done by someone who knows what they are doing, then you have to use the finished prodruct in a maner consistant with what you have. I doubt the Surly fork is too weak, but you just need to be reasonable. The Nashbar cross fork is a battleship.

mander 02-06-08 03:52 PM

Thanks Peterpan1, I will contact some local builders and see what they think about the fork retrofit.

mtbikerinpa 02-18-08 05:47 PM

It is quite doable to retrofit if you have a reputable welder. I made a disc tab and had it welded on my steel frame almost 8 yrs ago and it's 17k miles of racing and no signs of flex yet. Just be totally sure on alignment. Measure twice or more, weld once.

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