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'flyer 02-16-08 03:35 PM

Is Aluminum "real"?
"No kid....Steel is real."

[postulation] Aluminum is harsh; it'll beat you up over four your will to live...make ya :cry: [/postulation]

Can an Italian steel junky find happiness on an aeroaluminum road racing lightweight?

NoReg 02-17-08 10:05 PM

Only you can answer that, I guess it depends whether you race to win or not, whether you will base your choices on that or something else. Few people win so the rest might as well stand out for something.

The steel is real thing, sorta reaches into a viceral macho sense that steel is associated with the non-fake manufactured world. You know, like a Jeniffer Beals movie or something. But aluminum is very much there. Think of a WWII fighter plane, or the frame on a 1911 Comander. Biking is this sissy kind of thing where the top drawer is occupied by Italian fashion and manufacturing excellence. Lugged steel, then maybe brazed steel, oh god welded steel, and the rest is un-mentionable. But that ain't the american way (With aluminum from Canada).

thedips 02-25-08 03:38 AM

alluminum is reall..

so is steel

cyclezealot 02-25-08 04:02 AM

I have two steel bikes and one aluminum. My aluminum frame is a Klein. Klein's website advertises their geometry makes for a great ride. I'll agree. Caused me to buy one. But, I tried two other brands of aluminum bikes before I bought my Klein. I found their rides stiff. I just suggest, ride it before you buy it. Other considerations. Endurance. Some find that worth considering.

killsmechadead 03-01-08 11:39 PM

A steel junkie can learn to cope with aluminum. Put a leather saddle on and a supple set of extra-wide tires and you shouldnt have any problems.

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