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Robert_in_ca 02-19-08 05:52 AM

Which frame builder for this? (X Post in touring)
My next bike is going to have be custom built because nothing like it really exists. Some bikes I've seen are close, but not really what I want. I'm looking for opinions on what frame builder would best for what I want. I want a 26" MTB with lots of custom options and built to my specs.

I can't spend more than 3K(hopefully closer to 2K), and I don't want to wait 5 years for it, I can wait up to 1 year if need be.

High quality steel tubing, expecting framebuilder to recommend tubing based on what I describe how I plan on using the bike. It should be overbuilt with thicker than need be tubing. Should be highly off road capable. Bike should be able to take small jumps and drops, when loaded... When not loaded, should have really good trail manners for technical riding, again must be overbuilt, like a tank. Don't mind if the frame ends up weighing 8 or 9 lbs.

Built for 26" wheels with clearance for tires up to 2.35" and fenders, custom geometry geared toward aggressive MTBing.

Chainstay mounted disc tabs, like this Wolfhound(which is one builder I am considering)

Rack and Fender eyelets on rear dropouts, and fender/rack mounts on seatstay.

V Brake bosses, just in case I have to mount V Brakes

Ability to open chainstay/seatstay junction to slip belt through. Either using the Carbon Drive Keystone dropout, or their own way of doing this. I would actually prefer a replaceable dropout system as found on some freeride and downhill mountain bikes.

Ability to use Rohloff speeddisc hub, without support arm(OEM 2 mounts)

It would need a removable Derailer hanger as well.

3 bottle cage brazeons.

The Fork will have to be custom designed as well. I want to utilize the 20mm thru axle to get a stiff and strong fork that can take lots of abuse and can take technical riding with small jumps and drops, needs to be suspension corrected to 130mm(5") and have post mounted disc brakes if possible but I.S. is ok too. I'll switch between the custom rigid steel fork and a suspension fork.

I'd love to hear opinions on who you'd recommend to build this for me.

Thanks for reading.

mx_599 02-19-08 12:08 PM

this sucks!

you have a lot of demands.

NoReg 02-19-08 03:32 PM

Lots of folks could do that, but Steve Garro comes to mind given his experience with hefty MTBs for touring and other bash it about uses. He has his own tubing mix for rear ends that ought to work fine for what you want.

acorn_user 02-19-08 04:04 PM

Robin Mather does lots of touring bikes with discs.

Robert_in_ca 02-19-08 07:41 PM

Thanks Guys.

So far here are the builders I am considering right now, I'd prefer to stay with someone in the US.

Thylacine 02-21-08 01:33 AM

We could do a frame like this. Bit of a challenge, but nothing we haven't done before.

Actually......hrm........I have some ideas.......

NoReg 02-21-08 04:37 PM

Thylacine - TIGaliscious!

Robert_in_ca 02-21-08 07:45 PM

Would Ti be a choice for this kind of bike?

NoReg 02-22-08 12:53 AM

Ti could be. if you are going stout and strong, then you drop some weight with Ti, and gain a difference in ride (that I leave others to describe). It has been said that when going ultralite one can pay a penalty in stiffness with Ti, but you are headed in the opposite direction so what would be the harm, and the gains seem like they would be good. I love the lack of reliance of finishes.

On the touring forum there have been a few posts from a guy who got a Ti bike from Bruce Gordon, a long time ago, and has been riding the heck out of it, and has no regrets. So if you are into that clean look from our friend above...

My only thing would be to verify if you can get the tubing your particular project needs in Ti. I don't know about the pros, but I don't have a lot of choices in Ti tubing. And the same goes for fittings, though there are some tremendous ones out there, whether there are split drops etc... I don't know.

SamHall 02-22-08 11:10 AM

Well, since you did mention that you have something of a budget for this, I say stay steel and go with Steve or Walt.

Thylacine 02-25-08 02:56 AM

Screw that. For 2-3k you can have your pick. Pick whomever you want.

overthehillmedi 02-28-08 12:35 AM

I had Sam Whittingham of Naked Bicycles build me a custom tourer that was built tough. he used tandem touring tubes for the frame and tandem mountain bike rims for the wheels. His web site is A picture of my bike can be found in his gallery of bikes and frame about halfway down,titled heavy duty adventure globetrotter. Had Sam install disc brakes and cantilever bosses along with four bottle mounts. He was more than willing to listen to my ideas and I am extermly happy with the end product

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