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nep 02-21-08 12:03 PM

Unicycle Dropouts?
Does anyone know where I can get steel unicycle dropouts? Something like the dropouts on the Conundrum would be sweet! Preferably something that has lugs, but open to anything anyone might know of. Thanks

napalmandroses 02-21-08 12:51 PM

I came across this same situation and called up this guy that has been making unicycles for a living for the past twenty years.

from what he told me...there is no single unicycle supply source. Almost everything has to be fabricated by the builder when it comes to dropouts. He said he used to use pieces of pipe that was cut down to the desired thickness and then cut in half to make his unicycle dropouts.

at that point i decided that unicycle making was not in my future at all.

here is where I got the guys contact information...

just a forewarning, hes quirky, but very friendly and helpful.

nep 02-21-08 01:09 PM

Thanks. This guy at least gives me some ideas.... This might turn into wuite a project!

NoReg 02-21-08 01:28 PM

Why wouldn't something like the Surly fixie breezer DO work? That is them in the middle:

You would need to face them with the opening straight down.

A typical pair of drops could be 7MM where the wheel bolts on and 4mm where it brazes in. Some 5/16" cold rolled stock would work for making your own, reduced as required for the thinner bits.

When you look at a drop it looks very similar to a wrench. You could probably find an old wrench that fits straight on the end, not canted, and either grind off the chrome, or luckier still, find one without finish. It's not safe to braze chromed material.

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