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venomxx 02-24-08 11:57 AM

homemade carbon frame
I'm new at building frame. I have building experience with metal frames, fiberglass and carbon fiber layups/vacuum. I building a carbon frame...I need some advices on making a monocoque frame: joining the carbon to metal parts ? Do you guys use some other type of epoxy rather than the one on the carbon fibers?

NoReg 02-24-08 08:33 PM

I don't think you need to. You do need to use a specific cleaner for aluminum. Of course one could use different material if for instance the cloth was a pre-peg, or you wanted to build different qualities into the various segments of the frame. Though i have large containers of at least 4 resins here at the moment (mostly for boats), I pretty much feel comfortable doing anything with WEST, and the same can be said for other glues/resins as well.

j0e_bik3 02-24-08 09:08 PM

(scroll down to universal panel adhesive-slow)

designed for joining different materials, like SMC, aluminum, steel etc,...
and usually requires a heat curing of some sort, which is no problem if you are vacuum/heat curing the CF composite, you could do it all at the same time.

I can tell you from experience, once this stuff sets up, you are NEVER getting the two pieces apart intact ever again.

it's a SERIOUS adhesive.

however I have never tried it for your application, so I guess you get to be your own guinea pig.

venomxx 02-24-08 09:37 PM

Here are some pics on what I've done so far today. Still need to sand it down and more hot glueing.

Here im showing the back piece being hot glued to the main frame

Pic 2: Frame side view

Pic3: Top view. Note how skinny/thin it is since im using foam board from home depot. Its .25" thick. I need to cut out a few sides to beef it up a bit before lamination.

rodar y rodar 02-25-08 07:19 AM

So you build up the fibers and resin around your foamboard frame, or the foamboard is just for a mockup? If you put the whole thinkg into some kind of vacuum bag, what prevents the "stays" from smooshing down? The metal that you want to bond to it would be the HT ,BB shell, and short piece of ST? Dropouts too? I`ve never paid much attention to CF building methods, so I have no idea about the usual methods. It isn`t my bag, but kind of interresting- good luck there.

venomxx 03-01-08 10:01 PM

Yes, I'll vac. bag it.
CUrrently working on weaving an isogrid as to strengthen the inner structure.

Suplicy 03-02-08 07:05 PM

New Pics?

lowracer1 03-27-08 07:26 PM

A buddy of mine is building a carbon bike right now. Its a racing recumbent, but nevertheless, building techniques would be the same.

Allen 03-28-08 01:43 PM


Originally Posted by lowracer1 (Post 6417713)
A buddy of mine is building a carbon bike right now. Its a racing recumbent, but nevertheless, building techniques would be the same.
{Clipped Images**

That's good looking.
How far has he gotten with it?

lowracer1 03-28-08 09:16 PM

He claims it will be on the road in two weeks from now.

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