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merrie 06-29-08 02:10 PM

Refitting my touring frame

I have a custom bicycle built in the 1980s with a Reynolds 522 double butted touring frame. I want to keep the frame and change most of the rest (except seat & post, pedals, mudguards and pannier rack).

The setup I have now is:

1a. Wheels: 27 x1.25, tandem spokes.
1b. Hubs: Bullseye.
(If the original wheels had been 700 I would keep them because in all this time I have never had to true or replace any spokes, rims or do anything with the hubs.)

2. Gears: 18 speed. Range 19-87. 6 back, 3 front. It was originally 19-100 but I had problems changing gears, so reduced the top front down to a smaller size. The sprocket set was set individually but I understand nowadays we have to buy a set decided by the manufacturer.

3. Derailleurs: Mountech originally, but this wore out and had to buy a Shimano set to replace it.

4. Handlebars: drop handlebars with gear changers (Suntour) on the tips, brake levers at drop.

5. Brakes: caliper (Shimano)

6. Bottom bracket/cranks: not sure of make but shall have to change that for new gearing.

7. Front forks: also not sure of make but people note how "antique" they look, along with the gear levers at the tips of the handlebars.


My usage: I ride around the city commuting, socialising, shopping sometimes with heavy loads (use panniers and/or trailer), and take long rides in the country mostly on sealed roads but occasionally on unsealed/rough. The gear setup is generally too low for city cycling but I do use that really low gear when I am going up steepish hills. (Currently I walk up *really* steep hills.)

What I want changed:

A1. Wheels: 700 x 1.25 (or thereabouts). Rebuilt with tandem spokes to take touring panniers and heavy shopping. What would be good rims (Mavic? Campagnolo?)
A2. Hubs: sealed. What brand would be suitable?

B. Gears: can anyone please advise what would be the best replacement for my setup, now that there are only pre-made rear sprocket sets. I am happy with 24 speed. Would like to keep the lowest speed, but would also like to have a higher highest speed, but this may not be possible.

C. Derailleurs: would appreciate some advice for replacement, probably an MTB type?

D. Handlebars: want straight handlebars with brake and gear levers more accessible than they are now.

E. Brakes: disc brakes

F, G. Front forks, bottom bracket/cranks: any suggestions for replacement suitable for usage.


I want good quality and long lasting stuff. Sometimes the more expensive isn't really the best. My original chain was quite expensive but it wore out within a couple of years, but the cheap one that replaced it is still going strong.

Apologies if I have not given the correct terminology. Would *very* much appreciate any advice. :love:



sstorkel 06-29-08 03:27 PM


Originally Posted by merrie (Post 6968329)
Would *very* much appreciate any advice. :love:

I don't see that any of this stuff has anything to do with bicycle frame construction. Perhaps you would get better advice in a more appropriate forum?

merrie 06-29-08 03:58 PM

What forum would you suggest? I could not find a more appropriate forum. This one is the nearest to building a bike.


sstorkel 06-29-08 09:06 PM

This forum is mostly about building bicycle frames from raw metal tubing using welding, brazing, or other techniques.

It sounds like you're happy with your frame and just want to change the components around. I would think that you'd get better advice in the Commuting or Touring forums. If you need help installing the new components, or knowing what's compatible with your bike, the Bicycle Mechanics forum might be the place to post.

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