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kipibenkipod 07-14-08 05:44 AM

Preventing rust on steel frame
From what I understand, steel frame manufactures recommend spraying frame saver inside the frame.
So my question is: why frame builders don't paint the inside of a steel frame with rust protection coat?


NoReg 07-14-08 09:00 AM

Mostly because it isn't really necesarry. I've never lost a frame due to rust. And i have a hard time seeing that happening with a high quality bike. If I owned a bike with a 2500 dollar frame I think I would ride something else for mucking about in mid-winter salt and snow. It takes a very detailed cleaning just to get components and looks back to what a bike like that deserves far easier to just buy a beater bike for those conditions.

On the other hand if a person did ride in a constantly wet or corrosive environment, and had a high class bike with possibly much thinner tubes then they might well want to apply framesaver. Mostly though, I think it's just an "I'm-in-the-know" reflex.

maddog17 07-16-08 05:10 PM

how are you to prep the inside of the tube for painting? if it were to be done, more labor involved which equals higher price. so in the end it's cheaper for you to spend $15 on a can of Framesaver and spend 10-15 minutes yourself doing it.

kipibenkipod 07-17-08 03:19 AM

You can say the same about painting the frame yourself.
If they decide to do it, they will do it better then you and it will cost less then 15$.
This is the industrial revolution.


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