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white folks 11-24-08 12:27 AM

sloping fork crown for 24mm round tubes?
I believe I have seen these on kierin bikes as well as on some italian track bikes. I think i've seen one on a guerciotti too. anyone know where these are sold?

white folks 11-24-08 06:34 PM

no one? hmm. i guess my next plan is oval the blades for the top 4" or so. my plan is to take 6" of 4x4" hardwood and bore a 1" hole down the center, then split down the center. Then put in a hydralic press and smoosh it oval. I can only guess that this is how some oval / round tubes are formed. I imagine this is done before the blades are raked, which is opposite in my case. once again i will blunder my way thru it...

white folks 11-26-08 02:24 PM

making it oval with my ghetto mandrel i hear is a ...

ANYONE...sloping crown for 24mm round blades?

acorn_user 11-26-08 07:09 PM

Tried Ceeway, Nova or UBI? Don't have any other ideas. Sorry.

white folks 11-27-08 02:22 PM

yeah, no go. I'm just bummed. thanks you though.

Scooper 11-28-08 10:51 PM

There's a Cinelli track fork crown for 22mm round blades on eBay:

twoflats 12-13-08 08:02 AM

I ran across this on the Long Shen site and remembered you asking about one.

It's 23mm round (not 24mm), and I think they may have another round leg sloping crown.

ultraman6970 12-20-08 11:07 AM

U can do that thing with the wood but i would use a vise. It works because i have see it with my own eyes. U can get 24 mms oval / round at the ends fork blades anyways.

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