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AndrewSohma 12-09-08 07:48 PM

I'm making a Chopper for my metalworking class and i can't find any measurements for it. I was hoping someone could give me some or at least a website with some on it. Thank you.

NoReg 12-09-08 09:10 PM

A real chopper, or a chopper bike? Real chopper plans are over at Chopperhandbook. There are sites that specialize in chopper bikes like Atomic Zombie, has a section and there are lots of others. AZ sells plans, though one really doesn't need them. I've done a lot of chopper frames, just need to know about trail and where the mechanicals go (best to buy them first though few do. Almost everything else is open to play with if you care more about how it looks than how it rides.

Live Wire 12-10-08 11:07 AM

Lots of ideas and links: 12-10-08 12:18 PM

mine is 9 feet long

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