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Bus Driver 12-15-08 01:15 AM

My Bike Or ?
OK Framebuilders, I'm in a pickle. Wanting a new bike I had the option of buying a factory spec bike or goiing out on my own and trying to create MY BIKE. I decided to strike out on my own. I (test rode and bought) a 2009 Specialized Roubaix Pro Frameset. Got it 2 days ago and I stare at it hours on end with dreams of grandjur. I spend hours on end on the webb building the bike with all different options. But, it all seems to come down to gruppo sets that are the same old sameo things. Reviews say Shimano SL,Campy entry, Sram etc are all at real good price level and the weight is all within a half a pound or so? I can and have elected for upgrades in the wheel set department, so that is under control. Why did I buy the frameset if I am only going to configure it as the factory built bikes? I am not in a position to go write a check for a new dura ace7900 electric shifter or a Champy super record11 package. I could slow down the build process (ok by me I love my present bike) and build a none day to day bike that speaks unique of me, good or bad. (ie for example,TRP or Token or Zera Gravity brakes etc, you get my point). It will cost more money in the long run, but I feel I am selling out to do a quick build for the sake of dollars that I have now. I am a bit of a newbie and perhaps all my dream bike is way above me but I have a good ride now so I'm not hurting. Spilled my guts, what do you think? Thanks. Busdriver

icallbullsh!t 12-15-08 07:37 AM

It's a Specialized. In all honesty, how much "different" can you make it without being obvious about making it "stand out" from all the other Specializeds out there? And, does it matter?

Nessism 12-15-08 08:57 AM

Any group above Ultegra is an emotional purchase and won't make you any faster or make the bike more reliable. Decisions like this are not technical thus only you can decide where your value stream lays. That said, my opinion is to get 7800 Dura Ace on closeout since I'm a value oriented shopper but love the high-end feel and precision of Dura-ace shifting. You can get two groups like this for the price of one of the newest high bling stuff.


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