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KNEEL 06-02-09 09:16 AM

flux question
Hi folks, I have a flux question for silver brazing, I've been using the white flux for this process and I'm getting toward the bottom of my jug, my question is ,can I use water to thin the flux so that it is the nice creamy , almost 'fluffy' consistency that I see in the various photostreams out there ? thanks in advance.


KNEEL 06-02-09 10:15 AM

so never mind on the flux question, I read the back of the tub and it says "may be water thinned",
my apologies on the waste of bandwidth.................

NoReg 06-02-09 02:08 PM

The only thing is to use some benign water, distilled, clean rain water, or boring bottled water, with all kinds of filtration as close to H2O as possible. If they don't specify anything, that is probably fine, but some fluxes don't like tap water.

IbelieveLiar 06-03-09 08:30 AM

Rainwater isn't clean. You can also add Picklex/al-tife (from Freddy Parr). I use water from our RO system.

NoReg 06-03-09 11:49 AM

clean rain water is clean, though it may be like trying to find a virgin. I am selling a boat at the moment and it looks terrible right at the moment, but all that is wrong with it is the deposits from rain water, that around here are black.

unterhausen 06-03-09 12:00 PM

I don't know if you can really get the "fluffy" consistency back, it depends on how dry it gets. I had some flux that was 30 years old, and I don't think it's coming back this time so I finally bought some new flux. I used some 10 years ago, it worked fine after being rock hard. I've never used anything other than tap water. I figure that most of the stuff in tap water is pretty inert.

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