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meangreen 06-30-09 08:04 PM

start frame building
Hey Everyone,

I am really interested in building a frame (and depending on how it goes, making more), but I have no idea where to start. Does anyone know of any good books, videos, or even retreats that could help get me started.


Allen 06-30-09 08:20 PM
The Paterek Manual is a standard.

NoReg 06-30-09 09:47 PM

There is a free version on his site. I think his videos are a better rent or buy since they cover the same material with the added advantage of the being there type of instruction. The online download version of the manual is all you need if you go the video route. has a lot of material though it has got pretty poisoned recently.

I hear there are several new books being prepared at the moment.

rodar y rodar 07-01-09 12:45 PM

Also a lot of builders turn up on the framebuilding subforum. I stopped hanging out there because I got tired of the nonstop insults and bickering, but the info is there if you search or ask for it.

NoReg 07-01-09 09:25 PM

"I got tired of the nonstop insults and bickering"

There is something wrong with environmentthe in this craft. Compared to others I have been involved in they really have toruble playing together. Not sure the reason, but it plays out like status anxiety.

meangreen 07-07-09 01:06 PM

thanks everyone! I will let you know how it all goes.

Scooper 07-07-09 01:12 PM

Another option highly recommended by those who have attended is one of the UBI Framebuilding Classes (click on "Curriculum" under "Class Information").

rodar y rodar 07-07-09 02:59 PM

Yeah, UBI is tempting. If I just had more vacation time....

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