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Britishbane 07-14-09 06:13 AM

Tall guy trying to choose a custom cyclocross frame builder
I'm currently looking to have a steel cyclocross bike built. I'm 6'7'' with a 37-38'' inseam, so custom bike is pretty much mandatory. In the poll are the list of manufacturers I have narrowed it down to. I have chosen them for a number of reasons: first, they all have experience building bikes for people my size (Rick Hunter is 6'6'' himself); second, all these frames would cost less than $2000 (I would love to have a Mike Zank or Ira frame but they're too costly); third, in my communications with each maker I have found each to be a quality person, someone with whom I am comfortable buying from.

So who would you go with? I know this is simply an internet poll and the responses I get here dont really mean a whole lot, but I'm interested in what others have to say. Oh, and if you have another suggestion I am glad to hear it.

Edit: Forgot to add. I am leaning towards a fillet brazed frame, though several of the frame builders above have the option of a lugged frame for the same price. I've read the pros and cons of each many a I correct that it comes down to a matter of personal preference, rather than any distinct difference in quality?

Wulf 07-16-09 12:08 AM

May I add one to your list: Skip Hujsak from Texas. He has built frames for John Howard, the legendary Iron Man and RAAM participant.

meech151 07-16-09 06:27 AM

Its personal preference, you might have a few more geometry options with fillet-brazed but I am biased because I only do fillet-brazed. Good luck.

meech151 07-16-09 10:25 PM

Get Koichi Yamaguchi to build you a CX frame. He is one of the world's best builders, endless credits to his name, and reasonable. I went to his frame building school and he is truly a master. There are many good frame builders out there who can build you a sweet frame but I doubt many are as broad as Yamaguchi.

Revtor 07-23-09 10:05 AM

To me its a no-brainer! Go with Rick Hunter! He will know bikes in your size better than ony of the others because he makes and RIDES them!!!!! w/out question.

If you want a bike that rides well in your size, then rick hunter's your man. If you live any where near you could also get out on one of his bikes and really get a perfect fit.


bobbycorno 07-24-09 02:01 PM

If you're looking for someone who really knows how to build a big bike, check out Lennard Zinn (zinncycles dot com). One of his specialties is "big and tall" frames - not surprising, considering he's 6'5", and a former National Team road rider. Oh, and he's been building frames for a couple of DECADES now.

Bend, OR

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