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ItchyZipper 07-17-09 05:45 AM

Brazing on U brake studs
I hope that someone can help me here. I do frame repair and have built a couple of frames, but never needed to braze on U brake studs before. I have been commissioned to add studs to a BMX frame and fork. The wheel size is 406. I measured a new bike at the shop and it looks like 230mm from the center of the boss to the inside edge of the dropout, where the axle sits. I'm also guessing that the width between bosses should be 80-90mm. How do those numbers sound? thanks

Live Wire 07-17-09 09:14 AM

It sounds like you should't braze anything without mocking up the brake's the only way to know for sure if you haven't done it before.

ItchyZipper 08-14-09 05:22 AM

The job is turned out great! the customer is pleased with the results. I did mock it up...really the only way to retrofit an oddball bike like this one anyway. I used the c4 brass from Henry James, really nice stuff...flowed like silver.

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