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zerocool33 07-30-09 01:39 PM

Banjo Cycles?
Anyone ever heard of them? They are out of Madison Wisconsin. I live about two hours from there and I thought it would be cool to support a local business. I'm looking for them to build a cyclocross bike for me. Nothing really crazy or wild, just a lightweight, bombproof, wide-tire-accepting, bike. Just wondering if anyone has a bike from them or has heard anything? I found out about them through Jonny Cycles (R.I.P.) so they must be alright if he associated himself with them.

JohnDThompson 07-31-09 07:40 AM

I've heard of them and seen some of their frames. They look nice. IIRC, they shared shop space with Jonny Cycles, so I hope they're still around.

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