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Ferrite 10-15-09 10:52 PM

Painting techniques question???
I am restoring a couple of bike and was wondering if there is a trick ti painting recessed areas on bikes like the often found circle or shaped cutouts on lugs or embossed seat stays?? I want to paint a bike a pearl white and have the recesses a metallic green or other darker color. Thanks!

Dr.Deltron 10-22-09 09:03 AM

One of the best brushes I've found for this is a touch-up brush I got at the auto paint store.
They are a couple of dollars for a dozen and they look like mini, one ended Q-tips.
Very good for circles & shapes, but to do the lettering and other thin-line details, you will have to use a regular brush. A very fine line type found at art supply stores.

And of course ... good luck with that! :thumb:

Samwiches 10-22-09 02:25 PM

For smaller details like stamped stays you can simply lay down the paint with a brush and remove the surface paint squeegy style.

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