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Allen 10-24-09 03:51 PM

Show us your builds
I'll start with my first bamboo frame.

Nessism 10-24-09 05:28 PM
Picture136 (1) by nessism, on Flickr
Black9 by nessism, on Flickr
DSC01479 by nessism, on Flickr
Red1 by nessism, on Flickr
Red2 by nessism, on Flickr
Red3 by nessism, on Flickr

Allen 10-24-09 08:34 PM

Those are beautiful, Nessism.

JohnDThompson 10-25-09 04:40 AM

My fixed gear bike from this spring:

Build progress is here:

Six jours 10-25-09 11:51 AM

French style randonneur builds.

Allen 10-25-09 06:54 PM

Are you using French bottom brackets too?

Six jours 10-25-09 07:53 PM

No, I used Henry James until they switched suppliers. Now I use Long Shen.

sannerbikes700 10-25-09 08:01 PM

I wish I was a better photographer, because this frame looked a lot sweeter in person than in my crappy photos. Did the paint all in powder, which is why it's only a simple 2 color.

Nessism 10-25-09 11:16 PM

Some super nice frames you guys. Truly fantastic. Keep those photos coming.:)

lighthousecycle 10-30-09 02:47 PM

Lighthouse cycles fixie
5 Attachment(s)
New personal bike

meech151 11-06-09 06:47 AM

Sweet bikes Nessism! You also have very good taste in saddles, I have been building a collection of those over the past few years so that I am never without one. Nice builds.

meech151 11-06-09 12:45 PM

650B belt-drive
1 Attachment(s)
Here is the first and only mountain bike that I have built as a custom builder. Ian wanted to try out the Carbon Drive System's belt-drive and here it is.

pschmitz 11-06-09 01:49 PM

This is my new touring bike currently set up as a 1x9 commuter.

Allen 11-06-09 01:55 PM

How tall are you and what is the size of those rims?

pschmitz 11-06-09 02:27 PM

Im about 5'9" tall. The rims are 700c (mavic A719) - the bottom bracket is about 23" off the ground (seat height ~51" off the ground)

I would provide some geometry, but all the plans are just hand drawn 1x1 on paper - which are lurking somewhere. :twitchy: I dont remember almost any of the exact measurements off hand.

Allen 11-06-09 02:32 PM

Right on. May be the only purpose built tall touring bike I've ever seen. Cool.

NoReg 11-06-09 05:37 PM

Cool! What did you use for chainstays?

How do you like the height? I had a touring bike with a high BB at one point, at least 10 inches lower than yours. Still gave me a feeling of being up high and seeing everything. I slightly resented it when it got really windy.

Allen 11-11-09 04:13 PM


pschmitz 11-16-09 10:00 PM

It does more than tour :thumb:

Are those 650s on the bamboo frame? Also, glad to see the dynamo/planetary geared hubs.

Allen 11-16-09 10:39 PM

700c x 32

Thanks, I'm a dynamo/IGH diehard.

JohnnyMagic 11-24-09 03:15 PM

New to the forum,but have been lurking for a while.
Been building frames for almost 2 years now.
Here are a couple of my builds;


First time loading pics here,so having some teething pains.


PaPa 11-28-09 01:50 PM

Built in June of '04, this one is affectionately called my "Beater", implying it's a daily a driver and NOT a parade bike. Weighs a smidgen over 11 kg.

Allen 11-28-09 04:00 PM

Johnny, those are astounding.

pschmitz 12-05-09 04:06 AM

^^^ fast in a wind tunnel - faster in a wind tunnel facing downhill.

slick builds.

cnnrmccloskey 12-07-09 03:43 AM

Originally Posted by JohnnyMagic (Post 10072264)

Is this the Bat-mo-cycle?
Cool builds

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