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Gyro_T 11-16-12 09:56 PM

I do like that look. I was looking at the Tubus Cosmo on-line and
It looks a lot like it is welded. I like the nickel silver idea because I don't have a welder that will join small tubes that neatly. I am looking at the 3/8" OD and 7/16 OD 308 stainless in McMaster and Carr. Both are .028 wall thickness. Is that what you used? I am building a front rack and will need to butt joint the tubing in two places. I am trying to find a convenient smaller diameter tube that will act as an internal sleeve with 3/8 or 7/16 OD tubing. Any thoughts on that would be greatly appreciated too!

Cassave 11-18-12 08:05 AM

I used 5/16 x .028 AISI 304 tubing.

If you build with 3/8 x .028 the ID will be .319". Use 5/16 (.312) tubing for the internal sleeves.

Lenton58 02-02-13 09:26 PM

Although I have nothing of substance to add, I just wanted to say this: I have spent some considerable time trying to educate myself in regards to what constitutes excellence in frame building including some hours hanging around the shop of a local frame builder here in Sendai. So when I saw the big pics on the opening pages of this thread, I was so hugely impressed.

I would love to apprentice in this craft and art, but I do not think that I have the space and resources.

A very inspiring project an understatement! .... Lorne

ksisler 05-13-13 11:13 AM

Been quite a few questions posted re Mixte frames.

Here is one off the shelf line I haven't seen mentioned previously. Only see a few sizes listed for sale on Amazon and don't know if other sizes are available. At $254 delivered for a full chromoly item... it might be worth investigating for those not wanting a custom build or not wanting to build there own. Looks pretty much in line with classic design for a mixte.

Would be sweet with a 8 or 14 speed IGH and a dynohub front wheel, etc., as per imaginations and budget allow.


diaolous 09-13-13 07:12 AM

simply beauty

billnuke1 03-30-14 07:10 PM

I got tears! No words! I love mixtes and have a good size mixte collection and this bike is, yes, stunning!

johnnyspaghetti 08-16-17 07:33 AM

What is a mixti?

duanedr 08-17-17 11:19 AM


Originally Posted by johnnyspaghetti (Post 19795892)
What is a mixti?

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