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meech151 05-02-10 06:10 PM

Fillet Pro
I recently saw where someone mentioned Fillet Pro and I have seen it in the past but have never used it. I was just curious as to what it is exactly and what are the advantages and disadvantages if there are any, most of what I have read is that it is great stuff. Can someone give me the scoop?

unterhausen 05-02-10 07:01 PM

it's a high build silver. My impression is that it's similar to 45%, but I know nothing about it so I probably shouldn't even put that in writing. I haven't used it for a fillet constructed frame, but I really like it for braze ons and bridges that require a fillet.

PaPa 05-03-10 02:27 AM

Originally Posted by meech151 (Post 10755482)
what are the advantages and disadvantages if there are any,

The seller claims nearly twice the tensile strength of generic LFB, at lower, silver brazing temperatures. Which is certainly enticing. But at $27 a TO, it's not a filler I recommend for practice joints. At a about a buck an ounce, many pros use Gasflux C-04 rod , w/type B flux. Henry James has it.

meech151 05-03-10 06:03 AM

Yeah, thats what I normally use. I was just curious about Fillet Pro. I have never worked with stainless tubes but the idea of fillet-brazing a stainless frame seemed interesting because I am not a tig-welder and I have had a couple of people ask me about stainless framesets. Wonder how he gets twice the tensile strength out of it? Safety-Silv and others similar always had plenty of strength as far as I am concerned.

NoReg 05-03-10 12:17 PM

I think his day job involved brazing rocket science. I don't think the strength is the main feature, ease of use from the discussions I read, with the same caveats as Uterhausen. When I was interested in the stuff, he wasn't producing it for a while. Is the stuff readily available these days?

unterhausen 05-03-10 11:05 PM

the availability is sketchy. I hear rumblings that's about to change. Strength is definitely an issue with silver. 56% requires tight joints to be strong enough in a butted (no lug) application, a fillet doesn't add much strength, and it is difficult to build a fillet.

NoReg 05-07-10 05:51 PM

Thanks, it would be good if it were more available. I have to order out of country anyway, so why not from Freddy. Silverbraze knows a lot about brazing with silver fillets. I don't know much myself, mostly limited to 45%. I did quiz Jalon Hawk a bit, when I got started, just because he seemed an advocate for silver on strength grounds, whereas I was looking for something that would work with the propane I was playing with. Either way it only has to be strong enough, whatever that may be in the case.

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