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lotek 06-09-10 11:52 AM

Paint Question
Okay here's a really dumb question,
other than the execution, what's the difference in a 2 part paint (like Deltron or PPG automotive
paints) that is air dried and a paint that is baked on ?
And which of these is the more common method used when one has a bike resprayed?


unterhausen 06-09-10 12:09 PM

Are you talking about the old style baked enamels? The catalyzed paints are definitely better. I've heard that baking the newer paints makes them more brittle, but I've also heard it doesn't. No recent experience, trying to figure out how to paint without re-creating Bhopal on a neighborhood scale. The most resilient paint job I ever did was catalyzed urethane clear over lacquer, not going to do that any more though. Back when I did that, you couldn't clear the catalyzed enamels like Imron. At least that has changed.

lotek 06-09-10 03:03 PM

I did a bit more research on the whole baking issue and as far as I can tell it's only to speed up the cure
on the paint/clearcoat.

unterhausen 06-09-10 03:37 PM

correct, that's why I was wondering if you were talking about the old baked enamels that the U.K. builders used to use. If you have the time, there is no reason to bake a modern paint job, but baking will speed up the process.

David Cheakas 06-10-10 11:36 PM

It's been my experience that baking only speeds up the cure time and raises the electric bill. All the formulators I know say that baking doesn't make the clear more durable, or glossy. I still have the baking cabinet, but very rarely use it. One of the clears I'm using now is dust free in about two hours so I see no real need to bake it to get to it any faster. I've also though that if you have to always bake the clear to keep on schedule, you're not scheduling the work very well.

unterhausen 06-11-10 12:08 AM

have you found that baking is detrimental to the paint at all? I'm a notorious procrastinator.

TrekJapan 06-11-10 03:33 PM

If you want to paint a bike paint it with an Aliphatic Polyurethane.


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