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josephjhaney 06-11-10 01:17 PM

Carbon question
I am faced with a dilemma, I have a chance to get a carbon frame for next to nothing, but it's cracked. I have found several places saying they can be repaired, but I'm nervous about doing it. I've built up my current bike, not built as in actually made the frame, jut put the components on it. My question is this-

If the carbon is repaired properly, will it be just as strong as when new? I'm considering picking this frame up and sending it out to be repaired, but I haven't ruled out doing it on my own.

Thanks in advance, any guidance would be appreciated.


unterhausen 06-11-10 02:21 PM

yes, if you get a competent person to repair, it will be just as strong. "next to nothing" better be very close to nothing though, carbon repairs are expensive.

mudboy 06-11-10 02:34 PM

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