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oilman_15106 06-30-10 11:49 AM

7046 Al Tubing?
Posted on Road Cycling and not much in the way of replies. Any help and info would be appreciated.

7046 Tubing - bs or not

So I see this frame on scambay and did a google to find out about the tubing. Not much other than it seems to be used to make softball and baseball bats.

Anyone know more about this tubing and what ride characteristics one could expect from a frame made of 7046 tubing?


ftwelder 06-30-10 03:56 PM

It's a proprietary alloy with a formula that suits the manufacture of aluminum products that need to be formed. I would bet it's a self-aging material with gobs of zinc that loves to be stretched and hates to be machined. They have been working on those alloys since 1990 but the best aluminum bikes are still 6061.

Falanx 07-01-10 11:15 AM

Cu <0.10%;
Mn <0.30%;
Mg <1.30%;
Cr <0.12%;
Zn <7.00%;
Cr <0.12%;
Ti <0.03%;
Si <0.40%
Fe <0.35%
bal. aluminium

fietsbob 07-05-10 07:51 PM

FWIW I Have a recent Koga Miyata bike, '04, they have used 7005 for their frames for many years.

wheelgrabber 07-08-10 09:25 AM


Originally Posted by ftwelder (Post 11042504)
but the best aluminum bikes are still 6061.

775 has almost double the tensile strength of 6061. Most of the high end Al bikes are 7000 series. Stronger means lighter...

Falanx 07-09-10 03:02 AM

Unless, as with all tubular structures, yield is also a Young modulus controlled event, not just a 0.2% offset controlled one. You can alloy a matrix with whatever you like, but substitutional solid solution strengthening and Orowan dispersion hardening do not alter your Young modulus.

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