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mudboy 08-22-10 02:55 PM

Quill stem components?
I'm planning on fabricating my own stem for my next bike build, a quill stem something along the lines of the old Salsa cro-moly stems. Does anyone know where I can obtain stem-specific components such as handlebar pinch bolts, long binder bolts, stem wedges, and stem caps?

I am planning on fillet brazing straight gage cro-moly.



unterhausen 08-22-10 05:05 PM

respectively, lathe, used parts, lathe and lathe. I don't know if Andy Stewart has any of his 5mm binders left, those were the only stem specific ones I know of. Otherwise, people use seat post binder bolts/and or make them on a lathe.

NoReg 08-22-10 06:34 PM

And in PA, you could probably get a lathe for less than it would cost to buy those parts if, say, paragon sold them.

Would another option be one of the folks selling lugged kits?

mudboy 08-22-10 07:47 PM

I know absolutely nothing about lathes, never used one, never set one up, never even seen one in action. My guess is that I would maim myself in any number of ways, most of them serious.

tuz 08-22-10 08:40 PM

The binders (M6) can be bought at Ceeway or Nova, and the quill bolts and wedges taken from another stem. Many steel stems (Ritchey, Salsa) had those caps you could use, but yup a lathe is how you'd make one.

While on the topic. I made a 1'' quill stem using 7/8x0.058 tubing for both the quill and extension (80mm), thick enough you guys think?

unterhausen 08-22-10 10:24 PM

The M6 binders are going to be really big. The 5mm binders will be much nicer You can check with Andy Steward for availability, not sure he checks here any more. Here is an email from July mentioning the availability

I really don't think that .058 tubing is going to be thick enough for the quill, and I'm not sure about the extension either.

NoReg 08-22-10 11:41 PM

There is a video by Paternek that you can get from Smartflix. It gets into all the component sizes etc...

tuz 08-23-10 08:56 AM

From what I've seen online the quill is 0.065 or 0.058 (Ritchey, Salsa, Cinelli -wall divided by 3-, etc) so hopefully I'm in the ball park. For MTB stem thicker is probably better. Unfortunately the Paterek manual didn't specify the wall.

For the extension, people use 1x0.049 or 1-1/8x0.049 I think. 7/8x0.058 is close to the former in terms of stiffness. I figured since it was a short extension, that it will see laid back bars (that are way flexy).... Hopefully it's okay.

And most stems (aluminum, steel) use a single M6 binder. With a removable face plate and multiple binders I agree it would look big.

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