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Mike Mills 11-08-10 04:21 PM

Modify An Existing Frame Or Build A New One?
I have been playing around with a design for a bike but I have been 100% unsuccessful in finding a frame that did everything I wanted.

Should I start with a prefabricated frame and modify it or start from scratch? For example, I could buy an old school, non-suspended mountain bike frame and remove the cantilever bosses, grind off the rear derailleur hanger from the rear dropout, remove the unused cable guides from the top tube. I would need to add the brake arm reaction points. I would need a new paint job after these operations.

1. I want to use an internally geared hub, so I need horizontal rear dropouts or an eccentric bottom bracket.

2. I was also wanting to use hub brakes rather than rim, cantilevered or disk brakes. This means no unused cantilever bosses or disk brake bosses. It might mean I need fittings for the reaction arms of the hub brakes or to replace the reaction arms..

3. I wanted relatively relaxed frame angles and a long wheel base (think Pashley Guv'nor).

4. I wanted a high quality frame made with high strength steel tubing (Reynolds 531 or some other decent tubing) to make the frame "lively" and to keep the weight down.

Let me know what you think - new or rework?

unterhausen 11-08-10 05:53 PM

I can't think of a frame that meets your requirements. In general, it's better to go with new.

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